Where Beauty Meets with Gravity…The Portfolio

These remembrances represent the first American art form (the stone carvers). And they represent so much more! Today, the stones seem forgotten as they stand by roadsides. My goal is not to record them but to create art. Something with composition, form, light and dark that has the ability to move the viewer into introspection to seek something within themselves that can speak to them about the stones. Hopefully my idea works!

This is the first of a series of portfolios on the stones in Colonial graveyards. These are black and white images of the stones with an attitude. The stones seem to have/had a life of their own. They seem to reach out to us on many levels. Lean more about the stones in the lit that will be included with the portfolios. There will be boxed portfolios available.. Each portfolio contains 7 images. Each image is 13×19. Each image is printed at the studio, using archival inks and Somerset Velvet archival paper. Each image is chopped, numbered and signed. Numbered and signed on the back and chopped on the front (embossed signature). Each print is placed in a clear archival envelope . Each portfolio comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist studio. The cost per portfolio is $2150.00 (US). I hope that you enjoy the images.

Should you not want the portfolio box, or to reduce shipping costs (think cost for international shipping), we can place the images once completed in a clear archival envelope with handle, It would contain all the images just as they would have been in the portfolio box.

The artist will also gift one more print of his choosing as a thank you for purchasing. Watch for the next portfolio in the series.

Should you like to purchase one please reach out to me via email or phone to arrange payment. Shipping and handling costs will be billed after the portfolio is paid for and completed. The portfolio will not be shipped til the shipping costs have been paid.

A portion of the profits will be donated to those seeking to restore and repair the stones of colonial gravesites.

All images are copyright by the artist.

A question of being
So close and so far
Where beauty meets with gravity