the slater’s faces

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31 thoughts on “the slater’s faces

  1. You know my answer – Village Cigar!! But I have to say after looking at the rest of your work, it was harder to pick my fav…Your Amazing!!


  2. I’m casting my vote for photo #3…The movement existing in that photograph is amazing. The tendrils (?) amongst the leaves appear to reach right out and pull the viewer towards the subject matter. Fantastic image!

  3. You know me – I can’t follow the rules. I like the bottom right in the New Works category. The contrast on the trees to the right and the person reading the paper to the left center are great.

  4. ‘So hard to choose!! I would have to go with the last one. I find myself drawn to it by its simplicity.

  5. Paul..
    thank you ..
    your work evocative of e.e. cummings poetry

    if I knew how to vote.. ‘in places’ image: (screened) porch with window paned door..
    you’re a zen master with the lens.


  6. Outstanding eye for composition and depth! It was a pleasure meeting you today.
    I vote for the Cigar Store.

  7. Your work is breathtaking Paul. Everything comes to life in each image. Image 2 and 3 are my favorites here. I’ll go with 3

    Your site is a pleasure to visit.

  8. Paul,
    It’s amazing, we still have the same aesthetic visions. I loved them all, but am fond of rusty things and using sepia on the metal pieces really did it for me!

  9. I guess what I wrote was too much…#1 speaks directly to me. For many reasons. So happy and proud of my ‘ol soul man!

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