city images

IMG_6683 - Version 2img_0556img_0491IMG_2894 - Version 2CRW_8969.CRW copyCRW_8839.CRW


cigars on christopherimg_7862-version-2img_0494IMG_7397IMG_3215 - Version 2drive thru in naples

6 thoughts on “city images

  1. Hi, Paul! So happy to see more of your work. So many gorgeous images. I especially love the barn and sky at the top of the page. I’ve always admired your photography, but I had never seen your sketches – excellent work!

    My love to you and Nancy!


  2. Barbara says: his work is truly outstanding.. museum quality for sure. poetic in nature .. and it’s underlying structure so grounding which enables one to engage with the photos poetic nature..

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