In Paris

CRW_9044 CRW_8868 - Version 2 CRW_8488_2 CRW_8839.CRW CRW_8969.CRW copy CRW_8437.CRW jardin de tulleriesCRW_8755_2 - Version 2

3 thoughts on “In Paris

  1. Paul your work is beautiful! I especially like the one of the “Village Cigars”. This one jumped at me!!! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. What of fantastic website, Paul. The images in black-and-white are just amazing and believe it or not remind me of Ed Hopper. It’s a straightforward simplicity that is beguiling and has a feel of the past. I love the way you get right into the center of the Rose or the flower that you are photographing. It’s like we get to see where it begins and how it expresses itself. Where its life comes from……. Very exciting!

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